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Abba Prayer

What is the Abba Prayer and the Abba Challenge?


There is confusion in our culture about men!  There is something definitively wrong when Facebook touts 51 to 71 different genders!  The Catholic Church has needed to present a coherent vision of what it means to be a man.  The Abba Prayer for Men is a response to this need.

The Abba Prayer for Men summarizes a vision of Catholic masculinity for men to live heroic lives as spiritual fathers.  The Abba Challenge Video encourages you to take the Abba Challenge, which walks a man through The Abba Prayer for Men in 33 days with text reminders and challenges. 

The prayer outlines two critical aspects:  being loved/identity, and being challenged to live as spiritual fathers.  Every man is called to experience God’s love and then live it out in spiritual fatherhood in chivalry as priest, prophet, and king.  Jesse Romero, a fiery lay Catholic Evangelist, said that, “This prayer … ROCKS! ...  It has EVERYTHING that a Catholic man should know. … This is Catholicism with TESTOSTERONE.” 

Take the Abba Challenge!    Download the Abba Prayer

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